Ultrasonic Gluing System Weldsonic™ Twin

The Weldsonic™Twin ultrasonic gluing system uses two 35 KHz rotary sonotrodes to join acrylic, polyester, and similar membranes with hot melt adhesive tape.
The ultrasonic mechanism moves along the work table while the material being joined is clamped. Guiding devices for various seam operations are available to ensure correct material and adhesive alignment. The guiding devices are mounted to the machine with a pneumatic “quick change” holder.
The integrated control system allows material specific operating parameters to be easily set and saved using the touch screen. Frequently used programs are accessible by “single touch” recall buttons. A temperature sensor monitors seam heat during operation and can be used to ensure seam quality.


Continuous welding of long straight seams for hems, assemblies and reinforcement tapes on thermoplastic coated fabrics such as Screens, Soltis® etc. as well as bonding of non fuseable fabrics like acryllic and polyester awnings by means of heat activated adhesive tapes of GLUETEX. 

Work operations

23 Picto edge tape left 22 Picto edge edge 24 Picto edge tape right UltraSeam Logo
27 Picto hem left glued 26 Picto overlap glued 28 Picto hem right glued
29 Picto zip left glued 30 Picto zip right glued 25 Picto reinforcement stripe


  • Speed (depending on material) up to 25 m/min
  • Gap below welding head: 380 x 215 mm
  • Width of welding seam: up to 20 mm
  • Seam length: as required
  • Electric input: 1 x 230 V / 10A
  • Pressure: 6 bar (Class A)
  • Ultra sonic generator: 35 KHz/ 900 W
  • Work temperature: 18° – 35° C


  • upwinder for the bonded panels


Material panels to be joined are positioned on the work table, positioned into the guiding device, and held in place with the stationary clamps at machine start position.

A moveable clamp is used to hold the material at end of seam position, and provide a slight tension on the material. After pressing the “start” button, the ultrasonic mechanism moves on a precision linear guide down the work table, gluing the panels together.

When the end of material is detected, the machine stops, releases the clamps, and returns to the starting position. The joined panels are then rolled up to position for the next seam.

As required, the guiding device can be exchanged to perform hemming operations.

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