The ScreenCut is a highly dynamic cutting machine for fabric rolls up to 2.000mm / 3.500mm.



The fastest cutting machine in the world. The ScreenCut is a highly dynamic cutting machine for fabric rolls up to 3.500mm.


  • Max. cutting width:
  • Min. cuttin width:
70mm (optionally less) 
  • Min. distance to edge:
10 mm (depending on material)
  • Max. cutting length:
not limited
(only limited by the upwinder capacity)
  • Min. cutting length:
  • Processable fabrics:
Acrylic, polyester, screen, Soltis®, centauro and similar
  • Dimensions
    and weight:

W4,0m x L1,7m x H2,1m
approx. 2.500 kg (depending on configuration)


  • Connection to existing storage systems
  • Connection to RLS – rack-storage-system
  • Connection to MHS - material-handling-system


Jentschmann´s ScreenCut is a highly dynamically computer controlled cutting machine und is designed to cut up to 3.500mm wide fabric length- and crosswise.

It is cut by ultrasonic, crushed cut or a combination of both.

Through a controlled slip-free transport of materials an absolutely accurate and angled cutting is ensured.

An actively driven and electronically controlled fabric roll unwinder avoids an elongation of elastic fabric by the weight of the fabric roll. It is also possible to achieve a defined fabric tension during the cutting process that is especially useful for the interior shading.

An integrated winding device winds the covers automatically during the cutting process.

The machine is designed to work as a “stand alone” version or in combination with different fabric storage systems.

Thanks to the networking of the ScreenCut with the customer's ERP systems via the Jentschmann production software JAG NODE and the revolutionary machine concept, the ScreenCut is able to supply between three to four automatic joining machines with sufficient material and almost doubles the productivity in cutting compared to conventional cutting machines with table version.

The very compact design of the machine reduces the required floor space significantly and ensures a high level of flexibility and efficiency.

Your benefits with ScreenCut ultrasonic cutting 

  • Easy and fast machine and control operation
  • High cutting speed up to 1,2 m/sec
  • High productivity as length cut is processed during material transport
  • No recutting of the processed covers necessary
  • Edge sealing during the cutting process avoids material fraying.
  • Fast and wrinkle-less winding of the covers by integrated winding device during the fabric transport
  • Automatic measuring of the fabric width
  • High service life of the ultrasonic tools reduces downtime compared to conventional cutting tools
  • Low power requirement by ultrasonics and low compressed air consumption (no vacuum table necessary)
  • The ScreenCut works quietly and without emissions. An exhaust is not necessary
  • Operation of the cutting line by one person possible.
  • Client order data can be read in and processed over a defined interface to the ScreenCut therefore no additional manual input.
  • Order data input via barcode reader available
  • Networking with Jentschmann valance cutting machine Punchy™ available
  • Standard software “awning cutting manager” for automatic calculation of the cutting dimensions with numerous options based on awning widths and lengths, seam dimensions, design rapport and desired side stripe width.

Work operations

9 1 Picto ultrasonic cut right34 Picto US cut cross35 Picto crush cut cross36 Picto crush cut length

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