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Weldsonic™ Blind

The Weldsonic™ Blind is designed to apply edge tapes or seal edges of different fabrics mainly for the internal sun protection for the automotive industry.


As a heat generator we use a rotating ultrasonic sonotrode in relation with the appropriate anvil. Depending on the processing type you can use the direct welding or an additive, like a hotmelt tape.
A sealed edge-cut or edging is as well possible.
 To work with constant quality and simplest handling, the fabric is clamped with its whole length on a movable sleight.
The movable sleight contains a material supporting surface of 1000 mm x 500 mm (other sizes on request) and is electrically synchronized with the welding process. Due to the use of a servomotor, really fast reverse speed is possible.
Through the clamps along the processing edge, an absolute straight seam trend is reached without guiding device and manual influences.
Material beginning and end edge are recognized by a light barrier, which starts and ends welding processes and separates the tape automatically.

Working Operations

24 Picto edge tape right24 Picto edge tape rightPicto Einfasser9 1 Picto ultrasonic cut right


  • Welding speed: up to 20 m/min
  • Welding seam width: variable up to 11 mm (optional 20 mm)
  • Program memory space: 99
  • Gear: electronic differential drive
  • Application cut and weld: optional, depending on the anvil
  • Application glueing: optional, depending on the used hotmelt tape
  • Tape unwinder: for tape up to 20 mm wide
  • Feeding device: for 8 mm tape
  • Binder: optional, according to customer’s request
  • Tape separator: by pneumatic trimmer
  • Waste extraction system: optional: adjustable suction nozzle
  • Seam length: max. 1000 mm (longer option available)
  • Process temperature: 18° - 35°C
  • Electric connection: 230VCompressed
  • air: stable 6 bar, dry, oil-free
  • Dimensions: width: 2800 mm, length: 1200 mm,  height: 1000 mm


The working method is easy and simple and can also be operated quickly by untrained staff.
  • Put the material on the table and position it at the appropriate stop
  • Triggering the start via a two-stage foot switch
  • 1st step: material clamp closes
  • 2nd step: welding process starts
  • Photo cell recognizes the end of the material and the tape is cut
  • The clamp opens up, the fabric will be taken out and the table returns to home position