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Gluing machine

ScreenSonic 360

The Jentschmann ScreenSonic360 is an ultrasonic gluing machine for joining technical textiles together. Adhesive tapes are used which become liquid when heat is applied and then bond the two materials together after cooling. The heat is applied precisely to the processing area via two ultrasonic sonotrodes and anvil rollers.

The fabric is clamped in the machine and the ultrasonic head moves automatically over the clamped textile.


The ScreenSonic 360 has been developed in that way that all typical processing steps can be carried out in sequence with easy handling.

1) NonVi Flex (Plug-in Keder for tube fixation)
2) Plug-in profile (for tube fixation)
3) Joint seam (overlap)
4) TRail (side guide profile)
5) UltraZip (ZIP with bridge tape)
6) ZIP
7) NonVi Eco (Keder for drop profile fixation)
8) Hem (Keder hem for drop profile fixation)

Technical data

The data may vary depending on the version.

  • Operating lengths
     Max. operating length:   Machine length (ML): 
     4.000mm  app. 5.000mm
     6.000mm app. 7.000mm
  • Technical data

    Heat generation: Ultrasonic
    Seam width: up to 10mm
    Working speed: average 10 m/min to 13 m/min (depending on the material)

  • Fabrics

    PVC coated fabrics such as
    Screen (e.g. Copaco Serge 600, Mermet Satiné, etc.)
    Soltis Perform 92
    Soltis Lounge 96

    PVC free fabrics such as
    SATTLER Twilight
    PARA Starscreen
    and similar

  • Connections

    Electrical power: 230V / 50Hz, 1 phase, 16A
    Pneumatics: Ø 8mm, stable 8bar, dry, oil-free (class 0), 10l/min
    Network: Ethernet (100/1000 Mbit)