Rack-Storage-System RLS

Jentschmann’s Rack-Storage-System is a dynamic fabric roll storage system with automatic unloading of requested fabric rolls directly to the cutting machines ScreenCut or indirectly via an un-/loading station for other cutting machines.


The system works with advanced software and servo technology highly dynamic and independent from any cutting machine.

Directly coupled to the ScreenCut the system works overlapping. Un-/loading procedures can be done whilst the cutting machine is working and does not request a new roll.

The storage racks are optimized in this way that you can either store a wide fabric roll up to 1 x 3.600mm or even 3 x 1.200mm wide rolls.
This flexibility ensures an optimal use of the storage and offers the highest capacity in relation to the floor space.
Working with the ScreenCut the system uses an automatic fabric roll exchanger. With the optional use of the connection to customer’s order database the system has almost no downtimes and the sources of errors (like operator errors by putting in wrong data or wrong cutting dimensions) can be reduced significantly.

Optional storage management tools, like the Roll Manager and Inventory Manager, optimize the cutting procedure in relation to the selection of fabric roll and rest lengths on the rolls. Besides it gives an alert automatically when the stored fabric is lower than the safety stock.The un-/load procedure of the fabric rolls are either at front or back side of the storage system.


  • Max. fabric storage width: 
  • Min. fabric storage width:
  • Max. fabric roll weight:
100 Kg
  • Max. diameter of fabric roll:
250 mm
  • Storage capacity:

storage footprint: H5m x L12m x W6m
storage capacity: up to 1.040 rolls

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