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Jentschmann’s Rack-Storage-System is a dynamic fabric roll storage system with automatic unloading of requested fabric rolls directly to the cutting machines ScreenCut or indirectly via an un-/loading station for other cutting machines.

The system works with advanced software and servo technology highly dynamic and independent from any cutting machine.

The system works with the latest software and servo technology highly dynamically and independently to the cutting machine. Directly coupled to the ScreenCut, the system works overlapping. In this way, storage and retrieval processes are completed by the warehouse when the cutting is working and no roll is requested.

The storage locations of the RLS are optimized so that either 1 x 3,600mm or 3 x 1,200mm wide rolls can be stored on one storage rack. The storage rack footprint is reduced to a minimum, providing the highest storage capacity.

An automated bale changer provides decoupling to the ScreenCut and relieves staff in terms of fabric roll handling. Optional linking to the customer order software virtually eliminates downtime and sources of error due to incorrect data entry or incorrect processing of a fabric design.

Optional stock management tools, such as the Roll Manager and Inventory Manager, optimize the cutting process in terms of fabric roll selection and minimum remaining meters. It also reports a material shortage at an early stage.

Loading and unloading is carried out either via the ScreenCut control panel or the rear of the RLS.


The RLS portal has several freely movable axes. The space under the portal can be filled as desired with different, application-optimized storage racks.
The portal can move to freely programmable storage locations.


Two grippers are mounted on the traverse of the RLS portal. Each gripper has its own axis and can be moved across the frame. In this way, different gripper widths can be approached. A rack has a front and a rear side, therefore the grippers can swivel by 180° to approach these positions respectively.


Optionally, the racks can also be mounted on sliding frames for optimal space utilization. The length of the storage will be reduced by approx. half.


Storage system with fixed storage racks

Storage system with movable storage racks

Wide storage system

Narrow storage system


Max. fabric storage width: 

9.000 mm

Min. fabric storage width:

1.000 mm

Fabric roll weight:

max. 100 Kg

Diameter of fabric roll:

max. 280 mm

Storage capacity:



Video from the Jentschmann InnovationHub in Erzingen, Germany: