High performance sewing plant with mobile sewing head and piping feed for sewing the upper and lower hem on awnings.


Semi-automatic sewing plant for precise and efficient sewing of piping hems on awnings in connection with an air cushion table for easy handling of unrolled awnings.

Work operations

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  • Application optimised design of the plant.
  • Structure of solid anodised aluminium profiles 80 x 80 mm.
  • State-of-the-art control unit with digitally monitored drives. Simple and logical operation by keys with visual indication of function status.
  • Synchronised travelling lockstitch sewing head. Pfaff 1425 with double transport.
  • Stitch length: 5.5 mm
  • Sewing speed: 3000 rpm = 27.5 cm/sec.
  • Stitch counter for lower thread
  • Guide with integral piping feed.
  • Automatic piping cutter.
  • Seam length: 4 to 10 m
  • Minimum space requirement due to travelling sewing head.
  • Mains supply: 3x400V/10A
  • Compressed air: 6 kg/cm2


  • Mobile cutting unit with rotating blade for cutting off the flounce strip.


The operator unrolls the sewn awning onto the air table, clamps it into position, and activates the cutting cycle to cut off the valance strip. The sewn panel is then re-clamped, and the sewing cycle is started to sew the welt. Welt bead can be sewn into the seam or inserted later as required, with automatic back tack at the start and end of seam. At end of seam, the machine trims the thread, advances a small distance, and trims the welt beading. The sewn panel is then rotated on the air table, and operation repeated for the opposite side.
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