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Cutting machine

Cutsonic Pro

The Cutsonic Pro cutting machine with pull-off table is the perfect solution for getting started with automated awning cutting.


Simple and efficient

Thanks to the automatic awning calculation, the side panels are precisely measured and cut to size. Our ultrasonic cutting head can be used flexibly and enables both transverse and longitudinal cuts with just one cutting head.

If required, additional ultrasonic cutting heads can be added to extend the range of applications.

With our optional winding device, the webs can be rolled up sideways and transported away for further processing. Discover the versatile functions of our innovative solutions for the efficient production of awnings.

Technical Data

The data may vary depending on the version.

  • Operating Area

    Max. Cutting Width: 1,3m / 2m
    Max. Cutting Length: 5m / 6m / 7m / 8m / 9m / 10m
    (other dimensions on request)

  • Technical Data

    Cutting Tool: Ultrasonic (Length and Cross Cut)
    Accessories: optional with winding device and additional cutting heads

  • Fabric Types

    Acrylic, polyester and similar textiles for awning production

  • Connection

    Electrical power: 400V / 50Hz, 3 phases, 16A
    Pneumatics: Ø 8mm, stable 8bar, dry, oil-free (class 0)
    Network: Ethernet (100/1000 Mbit)