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Texband Cutter RTC-208-TEX-78

Automatic cutting machine with rigid film spool holder for cutting Texband for horizontal slat blinds. With the RCM marking system, a fold marking can be applied to the ends of the Texband.


The Texband Cutter has a rigid film spool holder, a motor for the transport/pull-off of the tape. Only the lower transport roller is driven, the upper roller is not driven and runs loosely. All transport rollers are carbide coated.

It has a special RCM marking system integrated, which ensures the exact position of the fold mark at the beginning and end of the Texband. This RCM marking system ensures that finishing and handling, such as sewing the bartack, is quick and easy.

This marking with a slight bend in the tape means that the length accuracy from fold to fold can be maintained very precisely, even by less experienced personnel.

Work operations

37 Picto cutting texband lift tape38 Picto folding texband lift tape



  • Lower transport roller driven.
  • Upper roller loose running, not driven.
  • Rollers with carbide coating.
  • Transport speed adjustable. 
  • Rigid film spool holder, only suitable for slow belt running speeds.
  • Piece length and number adjustable on display.
  • Length input in mm.
  • Cutting unit with pneumatic scissors.
  • Machine surface with film spool holder, LxWxH: 80x30x40 cm.
  • Total weight 21 kg.
  • Working pressure 6 bar.
  • Power 230 Volt 60Hz.


RCM Marking-System

  • Fold for easy recognition of the loop bend point.
  • Embossing distance front and back freely adjustable from 15 to 30 mm.
  • Embossing unit can be switched on electronically.

Your benefits

  • Low space requirement.
  • Simple operation.
  • High-quality components and processing of the machine.
  • Good quality output of the cut Texband.

Extensible options

Electronic automatic bartacker 

This automatic bartacker can be placed directly next to the Texband Cutter to ensure a continuous and smooth production flow.

The main features of this automatic bartacker are: 

  • Special thread cutter for short thread ends.
  • Thread wiper; standard hook; staple lifter.
  • Stitch rate maximum 3'200 stitches/minute.
  • AC servo motor 550W (direct drive); single-phase 230V.
  • LED sewing light integrated.

You can find more information about the machine here: 
RCM Bartacker - KE-430

Barcode-Scanner for Texband Cutter

Recurring jobs can be displayed as barcodes in an Excel file (included in the delivery). These barcodes can, for example, be printed out collectively on a sheet and placed at the machine. The barcode scanner is connected directly to the machine and thus recurring orders can be processed quickly and efficiently. The barcode scanner can be used with any Texband Cutter.