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PillowMaster Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic cutting and welding machine for the production of pillows


The PillowMaster Ultrasonic is a highly efficient cutting and welding machine for the production of pillows. The material is cut lengthwise and crosswise and welded in one operation. Different sizes and material thicknesses can be processed. Regardless of size and material thickness, a sales-ready quality and high productivity are always achieved. Optionally, an automatic labeling machine can be integrated, which places the labels fully automatically and also welds them.


39 Picto CutWeld


  • Cutting-Welding-Technology: ultrasonic, with rotary sonotrode and anvil wheel
  • Productivity: A minimum production of 6 pillows per minute has been proved. Higher productivity is possible depending on material and filling.
  • The PillowMaster Ultrasonic can process rolled fillings to loose fibres by changing the filling nozzle.
  • The sizes of the pillows can be customised.
  • Size for longitudinal cut: 300-500 mm
  • Size for cross-section: 300-800 mm
  • Label application optional, labelling with ink print possible
  • Longitudinal cutter: 2 pcs.
  • Cross cutter: 1 pc.
  • Power connection: 400 V / 16A (3-phase)
  • Air connection: stable 6 bar, dry, oil-free
  • Quick change of welding geometries
  • Easy and fast saving and calling up of welding parameters via touch screen (recipe management)
  • Very low energy consumption without power peaks
  • Environmentally friendly! No microwaves, no emissions
  • Our own development, assembly and in-house service of the sonotrode units ensure the high and constant quality standard.

Your benefits with the PillowMaster Ultrasonic

  • Automated production of pillows
  • Unique and beautiful appearance of the edges imitating the edging tape.
  • Integration into existing production lines possible
  • Significant reduction of material waste as no cutting is necessary during the edging process.
  • No thread splitting at the cut edge, as can happen with sewn pillows.
  • Automatic application of labels possible
  • Processing of thin and thick materials with constant quality
  • Simultaneous cutting and sealing of the edges. No leaking of fibres.
  • No thread, needle and hook consumption
  • No risk of injury due to needle breakage