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NonVi Keder Innovation

A method for the production of an invisible welt seam for textile sun protection.

This Innovation NonVi Keder has been entered the R+T Innovation Award 2021 and is the Gold winner in the category Textile sun protection.


The Jentschmann Group of Companies is very pleased to have won the R+T Innovation Award in Gold in the category "Textile Sun Protection". As an innovation leader in textile manufacturing systems, it is a matter of course for us to offer our customers solutions that meet their needs and are at the cutting edge of technology.

Receiving the Innovation Award makes us proud!

But it also shows us that with such innovative solutions we are on the right track to further develop the textile product. Now it is up to the producers to take up this innovation and incorporate it into their products.

We will certainly not retire after winning this Innovation Award. We are already looking forward to presenting our further innovations at R+T 2022.


A fl agless welt is friction-locked to the fabric and not inserted loosely into a hemstitch as is common today. This keder usually consists of a two-part profi le, which can be made of either soft or hard materials. Alternatively, a half keder profi le can be used, provided that safety wrapping is ensured. The fabric is folded over in the edge area and the keder half(s) sewn onto the folded-over fabric edge. The now friction-locked keder connection disappears completely in the keder groove of the fabric shaft and/or in the existing profi le, thus ensuring a seamless appearance without layer jumps. In addition, the absence of a seam in the visible area ensures watertightness over the entire fabric.

When the NonVi Keder is used on the corrugated side of the fabric, there are no alternating ply thicknesses. This ensures better winding behavior and eliminates the marks that are still unavoidable today due to ply jumps.

If a hard material keder is used, this has the advantage that a fi xation in the end profi le can be produced. Precise cutting to length of the hard material keder prevents migration between the end caps in the end profi le, both in the awning and in the vertical blind. Soft materials can be tensioned as required and fi xed appropriately in the piping alley. The result is a signifi cant reduction in wrinkling.


All textile hangings with profi les and fabric shafts, such as awnings, valances, vertical and horizontal shading systems, advertising banners, etc.

Technical features

The overlap of the fabric edge is reduced to the welt width. The welt half(s) is (are) sewn directly to this minimized fold of the fabric to form a friction-locked unit made of only two materials involved. This procedure prevents the fabric from moving on the welt.

Good to know

The European patent application was fi led in February 2019.

Series production is planned for the end of 2021.

Benefits and USP's

  • Uniform transmitted light behavior (no visible seam)
  • Waterproofness over the entire fabric (elimination of seam perforation in the visible area)
  • Long-term dimensional stability (better winding behavior)
  • Significant reduction of wrinkling (friction-locked connection of welt and fabric)
  • Faster, easier and less strenuous installation, especially when changing the fabric


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