Texband Cutter

Ultrasonic cutting automat for cutting and folding pull up straps for venetian blinds and sun blinds.


The band cutting machine Jentschmann Texband Loop is a system for automatic cutting and folding of pull up straps and loop belts from a roll.
This machine is designed to cut pull up straps for horizontal blinds / sun blinds to a constant uniform length and fold the two ends for the subsequent sewing process.

By default, pull up straps e.g. Texband with a width of 6 and 8 mm can be processed. The folding is performed 20 mm from the end and beginning of the tape .
The cord bands, including loop straps are processed according to customer samples. In the basic version can be selected between 2 types of cord band.

Work operations

37 Picto cutting texband lift tape38 Picto folding texband lift tape


  • Standard cutting length is 5000 mm, other dimensions on request
  • Band width 6 – 8 mm
  • Loop band dimensions according to customer sample
  • Ultrasonic cutting and folding by hardend steel ultrasonic sonotrode
  • Edge sealing while cutting
  • Data input by bar code reader and touch display
  • Power supply 230 V/ 4 A
  • Compressed air 6 bar
  • Ultrasonic generator 35 khz / 600W
  • Operating temperature 18°-35°C
  • SPS control


After introduction of the Texband the start end is being cut off by ultrasound and an imprint (break edge) made.
The ultrasonic cutting prevents fraying of the cutting edge. The horn, with which the cut and the folding can be created is highly amplified and is made of hardened steel.
After the initial cut and fold, the band is pulled by a motor driven clamp to the required length, cut again and pre-folded by ultrasound and then placed on the work table.
The length measurement for the Texband is according to the travellled way of the pulling clamp and for the loop band according to the counted loops plus a preset start or end distance. The machine parameters such as band length, number of bands, etc. are entered via a touch screen display. Machinery orders can be directly transfered in the control of the machine by a barcode reader. The machine has 2 holder for the pull up straps and cord band as well as a loop counter for the loop band.


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